Maintenance Contracts Available

Hot Tub Maintenance in Cornwall

Here we give you the opportunity to customise any servicing and cleaning visits we make to you.

Contact us and describe how, what and when you would like us to care for your spa. I’m sure we can create a Custom Care Plan to suit your spa and your lifestyle.

You may want to consider:

A mixture throughout the year of Quarterly Services with an Annual Service.

Monthly Water Maintenance

We also offer a monthly water check to make sure your chemicals and filters are in tip top condition.

Our reliability means you can relax in the knowledge that things are being taken care of to the highest standards, because we are repair and service specialists ‘hot tub help’ can easily manage any hot tub and keep your hot tub bubbling and in great condition. We currently manage weekly and monthly contracts in commercial and domestic environments in many places in Cornwall consistently even through the busiest times of year and on public holidays.

For more detail on hot tub maintenance please contact us directly through our contact us page, Via email or call 01209 808617


Hot Tub Help Cornwall’s Hot Tub and Spa Service Specialists


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