Spa Service Cornwall

Hot Tub Servicing

Annual Service
+ Free Fitting of parts, see below. The spa must be full of water upon our arrival and normally takes between 3-4 hours to complete, spa size dependent.

A chemical ‘wash out’ of the pumps and pipes using a product made by the leading manufacturer “Ahh-Some” which removes “Bio Film”

Commercial pump out of the dirty water.

The hot tub filters, jets and spa pillows removed. All to be cleaned and inspected before re-fitting.

Complete spa shell chemical clean and heavy rinse.

Wet vacuum of residual water from all areas of the spa surface and jets holes.

All necessary access panels are removed. This allows a full inspection of the heater, pump(s), their unions, bearing/seals, all of the electrical connections to the spa and any tell-tale signs of current or future wear.

The spa cover is cleaned, rinsed, dried and coated with a barrier spray, “303 Protectant”

All of the jets and pillows are installed.

The spa is then re-filled with fresh water.

Finally the spa is turned back on and the operation of the pumps and heater checked.

Any further particles which are ejected into the water when the spa is re-started – perfectly normal – are skimmed and hoovered out leaving you with a perfectly checked out, spotless spa. Guaranteed to be as clean as when it was first installed!

*We do not provide a huge check list to justify a service cost. Our Hot Tub services are through the eyes and ears of a professional spa service engineer who has looked inside hundreds of hot tub’s and has the depth of knowledge to know when something is not right.

Maintenance Contracts

Here we give you the opportunity to customise any servicing and cleaning visits we make to you.

Contact us and describe how, what and when you would like us to care for your spa. I’m sure we can create a Custom Care Plan to suit your spa and your lifestyle.

You may want to consider :

A mixture throughout the year of Quarterly Services with a Annual Service.

Monthly Water Maintenance

We also offer a monthly maintenance check to make sure your chemicals and filters are in tip top condition.

For more detail on any of the above please contact us directly through our contact us page, Via email or call 01209 808 617