The following the page defines our prices, location and any costs that maybe occurred.

Cost of Parts Used

Note: the prices for components can vary but still come with UK warranties of 1 year as per ‘Consumer Rights Act’ and ‘Sale of Goods Act 1979’.

On Arrival

Please note we would prefer the hot tub on site to be ‘full of water’ on arrival so we can work,  we are happy to wait for the hot tub to fill but this will be charged at the standard labour right below.

Access to work

If you have decking or the hot tub is sunk into the ground please create access for us to work on the hot tub, it is possible for us to do this but it will need to be negotiated before hand to make sure we have the correct tools and time has been allocated to do this properly .

Work Guarantee

All work onsite is guaranteed for 1 year and parts come with a 1 year manufacturers warranty, if a re-book is required for work done we will cover the cost of this however if you require extra work to be done or extra parts this will be charged for as separate labour and components.

Service Type Header 2 Time Required Cost
Repair Call Out To repair a fault or gather detail and test, does not include cost of parts 1 Hour £78
Emergency Break Down Call Out If a breakdown call out is required with short notice Extra on top of ‘Call Out’ £58
Complete Service Full service outlined on the service page 4 hours max on site £195
Quarterly Service Quarter of year service outlined on quarter service page 2 Hours max £110
Electrical Check Over Check over hot tub that is presumed to be working 1 Hour £78
Labour Extra time on site after initial call out or service Per 30 Mins £35
Quotations A rough idea of price created in email format in the office Variable Free
Mileage We do not charge mileage Not Charged Free
*Please note we don’t do on-site quotations, this would be a call out, if you require a quote please supply the detail necessary.