Hot Tub Servicing

The Quarterly Service

The spa must be full of water upon our arrival and normally takes around 2 hours to complete. Imagine never having to empty and clean your spa again! We are the first UK Spa Servicing company to offer a system of “quick’ spa clean downs – Quarterly Service. Our unique water storage and transfer system allows our engineers to rapidly speed up the filling process of your hot tub. This allows for a superfast, professional spa clean at an unbeatable price. That’s the emptying, cleaning and re-filling of your spa in approximately 2 hours.

• A chemical wash out of the spa pipes and pumps. (Note : we still use this chemical procedure with our Quarterly Service option, the same as with a Full Annual Service)

• Commercial pump out of the dirty water.

• Complete spa shell chemical clean and heavy rinse.

• Wet vacuum of residual water from all areas of the spa surface and jets.

• The spa cover is cleaned, rinsed, dried and coated with a barrier treatment.

• Once finished, the spa is re-filled with fresh water ready for you to put your chemicals in.

You can have as many Quarterly Services each year as you like or you could have 3 Quarterly Services every 3-4 months + a Full Annual Service every year as a maintenance contract.

Whatever makes your spa life easier!

Maintenance Contracts

Here we give you the opportunity to customise any servicing and cleaning visits we make to you.

Contact us and describe how, what and when you would like us to care for your spa. I’m sure we can create a Custom Care Plan to suit your spa and your lifestyle.

You may want to consider :

A mixture throughout the year of Quarterly Services with a Annual Service.

Monthly Water Maintenance

We also offer a monthly maintenance check to make sure your chemicals and filters are in tip top condition.

For more detail on any of the above please contact us directly through our contact us page, Via email or call 01209 808 617