How to build a hot tub.

If you are looking to build a hot tub and you need some help then maybe Hot Tub Diy can help, with 15 years of experience in installing, repairing, customising and advising people on the correct components to build hot tubs and spas, the engineers at hot tub diy are probably the best people to contact before you spend even a penny.

Advice on components, plumbing requirement, getting the correct jets and  the correct control system.

Weather your making your hot tub out of a fibreglass mould, concrete, wood or metal we have the experience you need to complete your project.

Building a hot tub for the first time can be complex, getting the amount of jets you want is easy, however making sure they fit the depth of the wall needs a little homework, next you will have to get your plumbing right using the correct manifolds, which leads to which pump is powerful enough for the amount of jets you have. Then finally managing your pumps is a little easier, and a good system like Balboa will have a heater built in.

Insulation is key to any hot tub to keep your electric bill down, so remember if your outside you will need a lid and if your inside unless your are a spa in gym that’s used 10 hours a day you will also need a lid.

Hot tubs can be made out of anything from barrels to old cars, so use your imagination and build something to be proud of.

Aperol Big Birthday Social, London, 26/05/2019

This is a hot tub we helped a marketing company produce, it consisted of a Fiat 500, a fibre glass shell and a basic heating circuit which pushed the water back through some jets after being filtered.  It was used in several promotions for a drinks company called Aperol (which is really nice if you haven’t tried it), and although it wasnt really designed to last for years we hope they are sat in someones garden. 2 Identical cars where made. Component budget £1000, excluding cars that where re sprayed and heavily modified to look this good.

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  1. Yeap you can make a hot tub out of anything !
    I have a mate that made a hot tub out of a tractor trailer.
    Great article!

  2. Nice article !
    DIY hot tubs for the win !
    Thanks for sharing this !!

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