As the saying goes “the parts make up the whole.” Surely, hot tub parts are what make the hut tub and knowing how they function is important to you the user.

Imagine a scenario where you find your hot tub not working on a particular day you need a Spa massage. You make inquiries and discover it’s a pump problem. You need to either fix the pump or get a new one.

There are varied hot tub parts like the jets, filters, heater elements, ozonators, pumps, blowers and even audio stereo.

You can do without the audio stereo but parts like pumps, heaters and jets are what make the hot tubs, hot tubs.

Heaters are responsible for making the tub water hot. The heater can be powered with electric or gas such as propane. Both propane gas and electric work well in heating the hot tub water.

The hot tub jets force water into the tub in a concentrated stream and is used to achieve the body massage and other therapeutic effects within the hot tub. There are jet systems that will massage the entire human body under water.

The water pump is really vital and works together with the motors and jets to supply water into the tub. The motors power the pumps which in turn push water through the jets into the tub.

Filters and ozonators are hot tub parts that do improve the sanitation of the hot tub water. The filters will guard against unwanted debris and particles while ozonators will prevent contaminants in the water. Ozone is a powerful oxidizer and will reduce the use of harsh chemicals.

While making your purchases for hot tub parts, always ensure you’re getting high quality items because the ones that are not of good standard would quickly get bad again. Always buy parts with guarantees- it saves you a whole lot of problems later.

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