Welcome to Cornwall

Cornish FlagWe are happy to say that we are now permanently in Cornwall and are now repairing hot tubs again, the last few months have been difficult relocating the family, getting someone to take over the 2000 customers we serviced and maintained around the Midlands.

Claire and I have lived in Cornwall before but sadly had to leave due to lack of work, although we have had many requests from people we’ve sold parts and chemicals to to come back and look after them, now we can.

Hot Tub Help Cornwall. will be run in a similar manner of 3 to 5 days lead time to repair, emergency call outs where required and next day delivery of parts via our on-line store Hot Tub DIY

The coverage area will be smaller however due to the amount of time possible to spend on the road, we will only be offering a maximum of 3 days due to the amount of time it takes to correctly maintain customers, something that was vastly slipping in the last company.

Note ~ For the people using our maintenance contracts maximum amount of days does not affect you.

If You require our help, use our contact form or email us through the normal route mail@hottubhelp.co.uk

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