New Hot Tub CoverThe hot tub cover should not be regarded as an optional accessory  but rather another important aspect to ensuring that the entire process works. Sometimes we tend to assume that purchasing a spa cover when buying our hot tub really isn’t that necessary.

The relevance of a cover for the spa cannot be undermined. The hot tub cover will ensure that the dirt or debris all around the environment doesn’t get into the water of an outdoor tub. So the water is not easily contaminated, which in turn saves the use of sanitization chemicals.

When water gets dirty or contaminated too quickly, more sanitization chemicals have to be applied and this jacks up the cost of maintenance. The need to also keep draining the water when it becomes unclean and unsafe to use increases, so the hot tub cover is not only helping to keep the water clean, it saves maintenance cost and time.

Another major function of the tub cover is to trap heated water in the tub. All uncovered spas lose heat as soon as the heating system is shut off, but with the cover in place, that heat isn’t so quickly lost to the environment and so energy cost is saved from frequent reheating.

There is a certain danger of not having a spa cover with your hot tub which is the possibility of an accident occurring when kids playing around fall into the water. Things could keep dropping into the water like birds and other small animals; even the dog may sometimes try  hopping in for a hot bath.

So to avoid all of these and also maintain the longevity of the tub, a cover is expedient.

The cover for a hot tub is made up of water resistant vinyl material covering a high density foam within. It is resistant to sun and cold temperatures.


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