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Hot Tub Servicing

Quoting to find a fault can sometimes be easy and sometimes difficult, our experience in repairing and servicing hot tubs and spas means we can usually define the fault and quote without even coming on-site.

Faults on hot tubs are easy to prevent with a little help and guidance, the most common faults are a cause of either filters and or chemicals, not changing the filter enough can put back pressure on the pump and burn it out, whilst using the wrong chemicals (or using chemicals in the wrong way) will damage seals, corrode metals and bleach plastics / acrylics.

A few photos is all we need, if the hot tub or spa is showing an error code or faults at a certain temperature simply explain this in a brief email or call us for some help.

We do not push expensive parts onto our customers or charge expensive call-outs and mileage, we will simply ask what you want to do, and help you get your hot tub or spa back up and running.

Contact us now for hot tub fault finding help!


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