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Does my hot tub need servicing every year?

You’re right to ask this question because it’s a good question and one that most hot tub owners ask themselves at some point. Servicing your hot tub is really expensive which puts the frighteners on every new hot tub owner.

99% of all salesmen say you must have your hot tub serviced every year by them, and here’s a little secret: selling hot tubs makes very little commission, but selling servicing and hundreds of pounds in unnecessary chemicals and accessories is where the profit is.

Lets challenge this together!

If you’re not sure what you are doing and you want your hot tub cleaned nicely then, yes get a hot tub service from a retailer. That said, with the right tools and chemicals, cleaning your hot tub is something you can easily take on yourself.

But if there are no faults with it and you keep your hot tub nice and clean, then it’s not necessary – save your money.

To be specific, if you have a fault then call out a repair engineer, and if you need it cleaning book someone in to clean it. This is a very different services and costs far less than a hot tub service.

Here’s Why

A true servicing would be to prevent your hot tub breaking down in the future. A hot tub service should consist of cleaning and checking over the internal components to prevent expensive costs. For example, maybe a heater or pump seal is dripping or any other similar internal issues. This could easily be done by the owner of the hot tub by popping the side off locating the problem and replacing the part.

However, there are some exceptions and things to think about that may help.

It’s an expensive thing to do, and you probably don’t need it, and here is why – Simply put you probably don’t need it. However, it’s nice to have the confidence that its all working fine and it’s safe to put the kids in.

If you are concerned, just call someone out to check your method of maintenance.

Do I need a service or a can I get away with just a call out?

Firstly – You can do this for a third of the price of a service by just booking a repair call out. Simply ask your local supplier if they are electrically trained. If they aren’t, just try somewhere else. You need an electrically trained person that has hot tub experience, not a local salesman or un trained monkey to test any repairs properly.

Secondly – If your hot tub is clean, why pay someone else to clean it for you? (that’s just crazy) Especially when you think the bulk of the cost of a servicing your tub is waiting for it to fill, which can take hours.

Have you fallen for the biggest con in the hot tub industry?

The answer is probably yes, because a hot tub is an expensive luxury that we all want to keep in the best condition. However, you can easily do it yourself and here is how.

The correct way to look after a hot tub includes all the basics of chemicals and cleaning your spa when it’s needed (for the OCD people out there a system flush is only required once a year and not every quarter). But good maintenance also includes an internal check of your major components every year.  This consists of popping off a couple of panels on your spa near to the components, shining a torch around and look for leaks around pumps, heaters and plumbing (a top tip is look for puddles or dried white chemicals), and if you find anything then call either an online parts company or book out an experienced engineer.

So the simple answer to the question ‘Does my hot tub need servicing every year’ is probably a no.

With a few simple chemicals and cleaning equipment, it’s pretty easy to maintain your hot tub yourself. You can also have a look yourself if there are any problems that need fixing, which will save you a fortune as a repair call out is much cheaper than a service. This is even cheaper if you take on minor repairs yourself, just getting a trained professional to check you have done it correctly.

Have a look at the blogs and guides on our website for how to save hundreds of pounds by doing most of the maintenance yourself. But if you are still really unsure about what to do, then always call a professional.

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