Commercial Spa Repair in Cornwall with Hot Tub Help

If you have a airbnb, Holiday Let or Holiday Park and are based in Cornwall then we can help.

Why Choose Hot Tub Help?

You have probably read that we have repaired thousands of spas over the last 20 years, which means our experience is second to none, but you may also be interested to know that we don’t have the overheads of the retailers because all we do is repair hot tubs and spas. Our reduced overheads and knowledge mean that we are extremely competitive on pricing, quicker to get the work done and can offer better support with regards to the smaller issues like error codes or maintenance.

What’s more is or experience can help with creating a better environment for your customers, in the form of simplifying control panels, advising on maintenance and cover you if you need a hand on change over days.

Commercial Spa Repair

Who are Hot Tub Help?

Hot Tub Help is a family run business my wife runs all the online sales and bookings, I work on the road and if we need help there are 2 guys that will work with me. This doesn’t mean that we use contractors, simply put if we need to clean 20 hot tubs in a day we can and its managed properly, we never contract out repairs.

Time, Cost and Parts

We live for reviews, so we work hard for our money, cost wise we have a sliding scale depending on the amount of work we need to do, we also offer a day rate and our parts are based on online pricing. If you needed large quantities of chemicals or filters we can offer the best prices available because we have the contacts to do this. A good example of this is buying chemicals or filters in bulk, obviously 50 filters will always work out cheaper than buying one.

Because we have been in the industry for many years we have built up relations with many suppliers and importers, we can quickly source genuine parts, upgrades and generic parts at much better prices than hot tub retails.

Please feel free to email us if you would like a quote for anything like this.

Most jobs are turned around in 2 to 3 days

Time restraints is not an issue, if you need us to do a job quickly we can work with that, and if its odd hours or awkward we will always support you.

The more information you give us, the better prepared we can be, which means the quicker and more cost effective the repair or service will be.

Warranty & Guarantees

We guarantee our work, any parts we fit are also guaranteed, and we live in the heart of Cornwall so that guarantee doesn’t come with any long distance catches.

Please feel free to read our reviews online here :

How to book a repair?

To book a commercial spa repair simply get in touch via email or telephone with a problem, the more detail the better, we will give you a time and date and then we will invoice you after the work is done.

Don’t forget, we would love as much detail as possible and please feel free to WhatsApp any images over on the mobile number below.

Visit our contact form page or Email or simply call / WhatsApp Phone: 01209 808 617 – Mobile: 07774 187 187

Hot Tub Help is proud of its service history in the hot tub industry and is well known for quality, workmanship and professionalism, so please get in touch today.