About Hot Tub Help

Having worked in the Industry for several years, Jon Pennington, founder of the company, became acutely aware that the Manufacturers of Spas & Hot Tubs fell into two categories:
a) Those that wanted a quick sale & no further contact.
b) Those who realised they had a virtual monopoly on after-sales and therefore could charge what they liked in return for a mediocre service
There was also the question of what happens if my supplier ceases to exist?
As a result Hot Tub Help was born as a local independent company, based in the Cornwall at Redruth, to fulfill those needs by providing first class servicing, repairs & equipment at  very competitive rates.
Our service technicians have been trained in San Diego, California USA to the highest industry standards by Watkins manufacturing (Hotspring spas) and have experience working on many other brands.

we carry out repairs for many spa importers and repair companies that need experienced repair engineers nearer to the customers that they can trust and deliver a quality timely service every time.

Hot Tub Help Is Based In Cornwall

About Owner

Our engineer (Jon Pennington) Click here to see linkedin.com Profile is a qualified electrician with a Part P certificate which means the repair work is done to the highest standards of electrical safety, this combined with 20 years on-site service and repair experience means our professionalism and advice put us above the competition.

Quality Guarantee

In addition to your Statutory Rites, we guarantee all parts and labour for 1 year after. The products that we fit and recommend have all been designed for use in the UK, and where possible, original parts will be fitted as standard.

Jon Pennington

Please Send all references to mail@hottubhelp.co.uk


We welcome any feedback or suggestions on how we can improve on our services to you.

Hot Tub Help Cornwall is working closely with many companies we currently repair for 7 different Branded importers and 6 other repair companies.
The majority of  our work is on site at customers houses and commercial servicing based around the Cornwall area.It is very important to us that we get things right first time, every time.  This is achieved through excellent communications with our customers.